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"Waste is really a design flaw." - Kate Krebbs

Eggware is a new ceramic & concrete like material that is made out of calcareous food waste -"eggshells" and an algae-based biobinder. On an average, 1.1 trillion eggs are hatched every year for human consumption while one-third of global food produced goes to waste due to imbalanced food distribution. Although, all biodegradable, imagine the amount of eggshells that are left over and can you visualise all the calcium that completely goes wasted and remains underutilised?

We meticulously experiment and create tangibles that are naturally white, lightweight, rigid, powdery, water-absorbent and strong. Once their purpose is complete, these products can, quite literally, be crushed and thrown away in the compost, adding protein and other nutrients to the soil. Moreover, it has low propagation of fire, which means that the material can also self-extinguish!


We build bespoke pieces as per our clients' requirements and would love to design something for all your needs!


Reach out to us here to know more.

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We now work with EggEasy, an innovative Indian company that offers high-quality pasteurised out-of-shell egg products across the country. We are supplied with eggshell powder and flakes from them that helps reduce their waste in the process of providing us our raw material, creating a wasteless circular system for resources. 


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